Dynamyc text from remote server

Hi, i have to display a dinamyc data to text area (simple text) that came from a remote server (simple tcp port connection).

Data change every second (Real time data) the time but must be sampled every 0.25 sec to simulate a clock and show room information.

Can i edit a client for that type of field or there is a workaround to insert this info in a region ?

Thanks for any info, idea.

I think the best way to do that is to design your own HTML page - Xibo itself isn’t designed to poll anything that fast, but a webpage could and Xibo can then embed the webpage

html is too slow…
The alternative is a java applet or flash page in a html region, i think.
But original code is in VB.NET:frowning:

You mean a web server is too slow? I’d look at web sockets using something react based - e.g: http://socketo.me/docs/hello-world

I personally wouldn’t go down either of the other routes you suggested

Edit: for the sake of completeness I should also mention that nodejs has many web socket implementations and they all look reasonable.