Dynamic Playlist Bug

All docker v2 Versions and Cloud. Probably it’s a problem for V3 too.

If you create a Dynamic Playlist and forget to put a “Name filter” or “Tag Filter”, you will be very surprised when all your media will be added to that Dynamic Playlist. Or maybe all will crash if you have lots of pictures and videos.

Hi, thankyou for posting and bringing this to our attention. I have passed your comments to our dev team who have created the following issue:

Thanks again

another fun one, if you’re not used to tagging systems, if you accidentally tag your playlists, with the same tags that you want the dynamic playlist to use, it’ll nest the playlist inside of the playlist

Hi, I have not been able to recreate the issue you are reporting? I don’t get Playlists with the same Tag as the auto assignment tag, being added to the dynamic playlist. Could you provide further details, CMS version, installation environment (Docker / Non-docker) screenshots, if possible of your set up of Playlists and Dynamic criteria and how that looks on the sub-playlist widget on the layout designer. So that I can follow the exact steps you have taken so that I can try and re-create.

Thank you

I’m using xibodocker238_cms-web_1

Now the mysql will work a lot to bring all files to the playlist

You will not see the files in playlist, only server will be 100% or the player will download all content.

Another fun guy. NO NAME OR TAG!

This issue has already been recorded. My question was directed to the other user reporting the tag issue.

Thank you

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