Duplicate PDF Modules after update from 1.7x to 1.8x


I just noticed that I have 40 extra PDF modules displayed on the modules screen. Is there anyway that I can remove these 40 extra modules from being displayed? I don’t see that option in the GUI.

Thanks, Lance

That’s…unusual, I don’t think I’ve seen it before.

1.7 series did not have dedicated .pdf module, that was added in 1.8 series, still it’s really strange for you to have 40 entries of the same module on Modules page

Could you tell me if there are any errors in CMS Logs? Did you encounter any error during upgrade?

I assume that’s not docker, but custom/manual installation?

Perhaps it would be good to check if those modules are really there multiple times or if it’s just a browser issue.
Could you try different browser / clear the browser cache?
You can also check in your database the module table and see if PDF module is there more than once.

Leave it to me to have the unusual issues. :slight_smile:

There are no errors of any kind in the CMS logs from within the application

It is a docker installation on Ubuntu 16.04

I tried it in Chrome and I get the same result. There are 57 modules displayed, and 41 of them are PDF.

So I managed to figure out how to look at the database tables in MySQL by command line. The modules table has 16 rows in it and PDF is not even listed in the 16 rows. What am I missing?


Correction, it looks like I was connecting to the old 1.7.x database and not the 1.8.1 database running under docker.

I added two more users to the CMS from the web gui and I did not see them get added to the user table in the database I was looking at.

how do I connect to the 1.8.1 database with MySQL command line?


Well after a little digging and following the install docs thread, I was able to connect to the correct MySQL table under docker.

Once you have the database container name, run the following to get to a shell inside the web container
docker exec -ti Xibo_cms-web_1 bash

Next run the following
mysql -h mysql -u cms -p cms

You will be prompted for a password. It will be the one that you chose in config.env for MySQL.

Assuming the correct password is entered, you’ll be presented with a MySQL command prompt.

Then I ran:

use cms;
select * from user; (it showed the two users I had added a few hours ago)

then I ran:

select * from module;

and it returned 59 records, which matches what is show in the web GUI. 41 of them are PDF

I then ran select * from module where module=‘pdf’; (this returned just the expected 41 records)

Is it safe for me to remove 40 of the 41 duplicate records? I currently do not use and pdf’s on any of my layouts.



Yes - you can safely delete all but one of the PDF modules. That should be fine.