Duplicate MAC addresses

The MAC address is showing the same for all clients in the portal.
We are running 1.8 server and a combination of 1.7.8 and 1.8 client.
We are using a Sysprepped Windows image without Xibo client installed. We install the client after loading the image.
Any idea why all the clients report in with the same MAC address?

Does each player has its own record on Displays page?

If they do, that would mean that the Display ID is unique for each display, which is good.
You can double check that it Xibo player Options -> advanced -> Display ID

Yes, each player has its own unique ‘Display ID’. In the portal, the ‘Display Hardware Key’ is also unique to each player. There are no duplicates there.

The client just asks Windows for the MAC address, so perhaps there is some virtual device in the machines that does have the same MAC address.

You could check the output of ipconfig /all on a couple and see if you can see where it’s getting that MAC from?

Ah, good call. We are running OpenVPN on the displays. Its pulling the MAC from the virtual adapter.
I’m thinking if I don’t pre-install OpenVPN on the image, then the MAC would be unique with every new install. I’ll have to do some testing. Thanks Alex!

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