Downtime Information Incorrectly shown

My logs are not proper generated ,
for example: my content displayed 15 hours continously but in logs its showing 5 hours only.
what to do?

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From Date 2017-04-10 To Date 2017-04-14

Downtime 20.431 Days

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should i have to update my xibo client ?

For what it’s worth, I’m seeing the same thing and I just got all my players updated to 1.8.0, but now I see that’s no longer the most recent version.

On the other hand, I don’t see this issue listed in the issues resolved in 1.8.1, so perhaps it’s still a bug.

Yes, can someone please check into stats?

We find after about a week on 1.8.0 the system can’t handle all of the stats, and the server gives errors before we get the response back. Happens both in the CMS and via the API

Screen shot is from 1.8.1 after we upgraded.

The downtime format -

Regarding stats, as far as we can tell it does correctly collect stats from the player, the issue could be caused by the fact that collection interval is set to let’s say 1h and in this time player produces more than 100 records, which is currently the maximum number of completed records player will send each collection interval - Statistics reporting

I believe there were some steps taken in the 1.8.1 to improve statistics, but we’re also looking into it to improve it further.

Colin, regarding your error I don’t think I’ve seen it, @dan anything to add here?

I’m not sure that is what people mean - in the case shown by hhan, the filter is set to 4 days and the downtime reported is 20 days.

This could be correct - your display will still show content while it is offline. The graph is “time disconnected” not “time broken”.

The error shown happens when the underlying request for data by any grid fails for some reason. The failure reason will be shown in the logs and we’d need that to understand what is happening.

It sounds like it will turn out to be a timeout - your database probably can’t generate the results fast enough - there will be a lot of results by the looks of it.

In the long term, we probably need to change the way we handle stats - either by storing raw records in elastic search (or similar) OR aggregating during collection, rather than storing raw data.

In the short term you may be able to add an index to your stats table to help solve the problem in this case.

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Would someone be able to supply a dump of their displayevent table and a corresponding screenshot of the time disconnected graph?