Downloading files too many times?

Hi guys,
i am not sure if i understand the way Xibo is downloading the content.
Here is the normal way,

  • When a new content is assigned to a layout or player, player will download the content, store it in it’s hard drive and will display it as necessary. Please notice, content is downloaded only once but it will be downloaded again if it has been removed from the player/layout at some point but re-assigned.

Here is the Xibo way,

  • When a new content is assigned to a layout or player, looks like Xibo player is downloading the content more than once and if the network connection is slow, it keeps downloading it forever and in the notification error, the size of the video keeps getting bigger and bigger and gives an error at the notification center by saying file is downloaded too many times.
    Aren’t we supposed to continue from where we left if the network is slow or connection is down?

Any ideas how this could be fixed?
downloading a content file more than once is indeed not healthy, it will cause too much work for the player and it will also corrupt the hard drive after some run, it will specially cause freezing which i have already seen way too many times.

Hi guys!
any news on this?
i again have a same problem with another of my players where this time the internet connection is superb but the video file is just downloading all the time :frowning: and i keep getting the same notification about file being downloaded to many times.

The “downloaded X files too many times” error is indeed related to the downloading of required files for your Display.

The Xibo Player will download the files it needs once only. Once those files have been downloaded successfully, it will locally store them for use with the Scheduled Events. The Player will only download new files if the required files to show the Events changes.

If the Player is downloading files but the download is interrupted, the Player can resume that download as long as the data already downloaded is not corrupted. If the download fails or the files are corrupted, it will begin the download again. If you are receiving Notifications stating that it has downloaded a number of files too many times, this is Xibo trying to tell you that it has had to restart the downloading of that file that many times as the previous attempt has failed.

There will unfortunately be occasions where a file will fail to download correctly and so will need to attempt the download again. If this is happening regularly, then it is often an indication that the network connection between the Player and CMS is intermittent or not always stable. If this is the case for you and it is happening regularly, I would first take a look at the network connection between the Player and CMS. If you are using a WiFi connection you may find switching to wired is a good test to see if the number of failed download attempts reduces.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan!
thanks for the response.
This is hardly a slow network issue because the network where the player is located has way too good connection.
Player however fails to download the files and keeps downloading it for ages, Which makes me wonder.

Xibo is breaking the hard drives every once a while which also makes me think is caused by the downloading mechanism.

Whilst the network connection may be fast, it could be that it is occasionally dropping out, which is causing the download to fail. Are you using a wired or wireless network connection with the Display?

Can you also confirm that there is enough free space on the device to download and save the video file?

Many Thanks.

Hi Dani,
I am using wired connection.
There is over 20GB free space on hard drive.

Thanks for confirming that there is enough space on the device and you are using a wired connection. What version of the Player are you using?

I would next recommend clearing the cache for your Display to see if this helps with the issue. You can do this by selecting the Displays option in your CMS, click on the down facing arrow at the end of the Display row and choose Edit form the menu. Click the Advanced tab, make sure “Clear Cached Data” is ticked and save. I would also recommend restarting the Player device after doing that.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan!
the problem currently does not exist.
The player version is 1.8.10 and all you have described was done to it and nothing did help before removing the video from the layout, (replaced with a simple jpg image) and reassigning the same video with different name.

What is strange is,
the video didn’t download even after reassigning but it did start downloading okay once the name was changed.

As mentioned,
I have seen hard drives gone broken and i still believe download mechanism has got something to the with it.
Download mechanism should continue where it has left not restart the download.

Thanks for letting me know that you have tried these suggestions already. I’m glad to hear that the Player is currently working and that you were able to resolve the issue by changing the name of the video and reassigning it.

What was the name of the video and what did you change it to? Were there any special characters or symbols in the original name that were not in the new name?

As mentioned on my previous message, Xibo does resume downloads. If Xibo is unable to resume the download or the checksum at the end of downloading is incorrect, it will restart the download.

Many Thanks.

The name of the video was “january_event_001.mp4” and it was renamed to “event_001.mp4”
We don’t use special characters with names.

Thanks for letting me know. The previous and new names should not cause the download issue so this is a bit of a mystery.

If you have access to any logs for the network that the Display is connected to, I would recommend taking a look to see if any errors or messages help to explain what happened.

Many Thanks.

Sorry :frowning:
No logs anymore, perhaps next time.

Hi guys,
this has become very annoying :frowning:
I get daily bunch of this same error for different players.

It keeps saying: “xxx is downloading 2 files too many times” but never says why :frowning:

i am also getting this for our Windows and Linux players…
CMS vers 2.2.0 / Players linux 1.8-R4-37 & windows 2 R201-201

  • un-checked enable email notifications, from Settings > Maintenance > Enable Email Alerts?
  • removed my email from the Settings > Network > Admin email address field
  • disabled email notifications from all display setting profiles

none of these changes have stopped the mails from coming in though haha

We still have the same problem!

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