Downloaded file failed MD5 check

As you can see in the screenshots: in the file the parts are doubled (chunks) and md5 is not correct.

The client should delete the file and download it again on the next collection run.

Having other utilities reading those files (eg some badly behaved anti-virus, or while you were running your checksum) might have prevented the delete happening and hence the content being appended twice.

What happens if you just delete that file now?

Thank you, i try that.
But i i have a tickerfile open with notepad and the client does update, notepad informs that there is a new version and asks if i want to reload.

No, does not help, i deleted all the ticker_* files

And the Player doesn’t download them again? Or it downloads them again but wrongly?

Yes, as soon as i start the player an open info window i see downloading, but there are always files failing with md5-check

What do you have your Sendfile Mode set to in settings screen of the CMS?

The file downloaded is bigger than the file-size in the db or the file in cms.

sendfile is PHP (off), i was not able to install xsendfile on xampp on win8.1

And this is with an unmodified 1.7.3 CMS?

Yes, and most things work, especially the ticker is a problem, don’t know why.
The one with large images i can’t use, it crashes the android client (

Sorry, one fix i applied:

Can you check the file in the CMS library matches the MD5 stored in the database?

yes, see the printscreens in first post

Sorry it’s really tiny to try and read that on my screen. If it matches then I’m really not sure why that should be a problem. Is this on one machine only?

md5 from cms and db matches. But not when downloaded in the windows player.
Maybe a windows problem (or in combination with PHP header or fread/fseek etc), i also tried the bitnami stack instead of xampp, same problem. So i think it is the windows player on win8.1 or the combination.
If possible i will try it on a different computer.

But i also get md5-errors in Android player (and cms on 1.7.1 and linux-server). Normally when downloading files i never have problems with md5, so maybe there is a problem/bug.

Same problem with 1.7.1 cms (linux server hosted) and windows 7 player 1.7.3

OK I’ll setup a test here and see if I can recreate it with that ticker URL

Ok thank you. Here is the exported layout

I put that feed in to a layout and attached a 1.7.3 client and it’s working as expected here.

All the images download 100% and no MD5 errors, with Sendfile Mode off. I’m not sure what the issue can be there.