Download at client end

i have installed a new display client into the building and have tried to set it off running but nothing is showing but the default Xibo splash screen, in the CMS it states there are 39 items downloading and they have not changed for around 3 hours,

is there a setting I am missing, I have authorised the display so I cannot see why this is happening

If you can send me a screenshot of the Status page on the display and of the Displays page in your CMS, I can look into this further. You will also need to let me know the Display name so I know which is the one you are having an issue with. I have included instructions on how to open the Status page below:

  • For Android Displays, click the screen when the Player is running to reveal the Action Bar, select the Status option.
  • For Windows, click the i key on your keyboard while the player is running.

I would recommend checking the internet connection on the Display. A good way to test this is to open the web browser on your Display and access the CMS. Please let me know what the results are.

If you select the Displays option in your CMS and select the down facing arrow at the end of the display row, you will see an option named Manage. I would recommend checking the Errors section, if you see any errors please let me know what they are. You will also see the Media section underneath, which will show you the progress of the files being downloaded. I would recommend checking that the amounts shown in the Downloaded column are not higher than the Size column, as this may indicate a connectivity issue.

Many Thanks.

I have resolved the main issue but I an receiving this


and the layout is not moving on the only item on the playing layout is set to run for 1:53 then change but is not

The error relates to an item in your Media library with the ID number 54. I would first check your library on your CMS and confirm that the ID 54 does exist on the library and can be downloaded and viewed. If it cannot be seen in your library, you may need to change your layout so that the missing file is not being requested, or add the item to your library, remove the old reference to it from the layout and add the new media item in its place.

Can you confirm the file type that this media item is?

Another potential reason you would see this error is if the CMS does not think the file is needed by the Player anymore. I would recommend checking the current set layout to make sure that the media item is indeed still part of the layout.

Can you let me know how many items are in the layout and how many are not being shown?

Many Thanks.

there is no Media item 54,

the main layout has 1 video 1 ticker and 1 clock with a imaged background

also this layout is newly created with new media

Thank you for checking. It may be that media ID 54 has since been deleted.

The error is likely due to the item being previously scheduled but now is no longer needed. If the Display was downloading media, then the layout is changed, the required files may still hold onto this request until it updates, then will begin downloading the new required files.

If the new layout has successfully downloaded and is displaying, then you can ignore this error.

You mentioned that in a previous post:

the layout is not moving on the only item on the playing layout is set to run for 1:53 then change but is not

Can you provide further information? How is the layout not moving? if you select the Layouts option in your CMS, how long does it state the duration is for that layout? How long is the layout playing for? You are welcome to private message me an exported copy of your layout and I can take a look on my CMS.

Many Thanks.

they layout is set to run for 1 minute 53 seconds, and has a RSS feed and a video,

my though was that the RSS feed seems to be forcing the layout to run longer than it should,

as the video stops and the layout should move to the next one

on the status and information I am getting this:

The duration of your layout is dictated by the longest media item in the layout. I would recommend checking the duration of the RSS feed compared to the Video length and the Clock length, this may explain the behaviour. Please let me know what each item’s duration is.

Can you also send me a screenshot of the whole Status page? The most recent screenshot suggests your XMR is disconnected or not configured. I have attached a link below to the post CMS installation Guide, which has a section on how to configure your XMR Public Address.

Many Thanks.