Don't show old Slides


i go to Slides, clic on down arrow on right of the Slide and clic, planning.
in this window, if i clic for choose the slide on the combo box on top of the window, i see all the old Slides i had remove.

How can i refresh this list ?

I specify those old slides are not in the slides listing.

Thank you very much for your help.
Have a good day.

Since I have a feeling there are some translation differences, could you please show me what exactly do you mean please? Just so we know where to look for the potential problem.

Please also let us know the CMS version you’re using.

If you have deleted media files form CMS library or deleted layouts, then you should no longer see them anywhere in CMS.

I’m guessing that by slides you mean layouts and in that case, it is possible that you did not delete old layouts and just retired them, hence why you can still see them on the Schedule page.
On layout page you can change the filter to show you retired layout and see if you have them there.

Hello Peter,
i had deleted them but it’s not enough.
Now, i have use the button Tidy Library in Sttings and check the 3 boxes.
Now, old slides have disappear.

Is there a function to clean the library automatically ?

Thank you very much.

You’d need to run library tidy to remove all unused files, it will not remove any files that are currently assigned to layouts though.

That being said, I’m still unsure what form you meant in your in first post ie what do you mean by “slides” exactly, it would be best to show us a screenshot of the problem and please confirm the CMS version as well.