Does Xibo need to be connected to the Internet always?


As already written above, does xibo need to be constantly connected to the Internet?
Or just at the beginning of a layout eg. from the server to the local client to copy…and then not more?

what do I have to adjust then possibly in Xibo still the layout of the local hard disk can be played!

The background is as follows: We have a Christmas party and there is no internet in the location. Now I wanted to play in advance the layout at home with network and internet, so that everything is stored locally and then with the client in the location and then can be spooled … is that possible?



The Player downloads 2 days worth of content and schedule each time it connects to the CMS.

What I would so, assuming it’s a single layout, is design the layout and set it as the default layout, then allow the Player to update. It will then play the default layout forever until it next connects to the CMS and gets more content.

Note though, only native content can be cached in that way - eg images, text, video etc. External content (websites, embedded videos, video streams etc) will not work offline.

Best thing to do is test it. So create your content, download it to the Player, and then disconnect the Player from the network.


hello alex, thanks. Is it possible to subsequently configure and save a single layout as a standad layout?


That’s what setting the default layout does. It’s the layout that runs when there is nothing else to show. It is always kept downloaded on the Player.


Yes OK. but where can I adjust this in Xibo (standard layout)?


The default layout is set on the display record.

Display page -> Edit the display -> Set the default layout