Docker xibo 2.3.7 upgrade

hello all,
Im using xibo with 20 screens for the last 3 years and complitely enjoy it.

I wish to enjoy it with more feature other than the version that I have (2.3.7).

i’ve read here some topics that users failed to upgrade there cms.

I want from someone who success upgrade the cms some help.
Im using linux ubuntu 18.04.
xibo on docker
xibo version 2.3.7

thanks in advanced/


I’ts super easy!
You can follow the instructions in this doc bellow:

Don’t forget to do a backup of your CMS and files before the upgrade in case you need to rollback your settings.


hi and thank you, 2 questions please.
1 - do i have to upgrade the players in advanced (from r258 to 4)
2 - do i need to change something in the config.env ?
3 - what about the sql - do i need to upgrade it to ?

because its a virtual machine i backed it with a snapshot before the upgrading.

It’s not mandatory, but the new features of the new CMS will not be avaliable. :wink:

In the documentation that i send to you have those instrucions.
Please read well, ok?

When you do the upgrade, remember that it’s a dokcer instalation… that means that all that you need will be upgrated to, inclunding the Database container.

I recommend you to do a whole backup of everthing that you have, in case you do something wrong, ok?

Please, pay attention at the documentation! If you have any question, you can find most awnsers in the community! :slight_smile:

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hi again
I manage to upgrade Easley to 3.3.7 BUT ,
i can get the cms only in 80 port even tough I am changing the cms_custom_ports.yml try in deferent stages (before docker-compose up and after), what im I doing wrong ?