Docker Toolbox vs. Docker for Windows / CMS installation

I tried both, both work using strictly the CMS Installation manual.

In Docker Toolbox I should use c:*users*\xibo to extract the yml-files, in Docker for Windows it is c:\xibo.

Now I tried to reconfigure the shared folder in VirtualBox to c\xibo, extrect the yml-files there and start docker-compose up -d.

Xibo starts and runs, but there is no “shared” folder within c:\xibo and get an error when changing the password of xio_admin or do anything else writing the db

I have rights read/write this folder.

Can you confirm the OS that you are installing your CMS onto? If you are using Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit, you will need to download Docker for Windows, otherwise you would use Docker Toolbox.

Please also note that Docker for Windows uses Hyper V to run and so cannot be used with VirtualBox.

To avoid confusion, I would recommend removing the version of Docker that you do not need for your Installation and following the installation instructions from the beginning. If you continue to experience issues, please let me know.

Many Thanks.


thank you for your answer, but these are all things I know.
I tested Xibo with Docker Toolbox on a W7 64 Machine and Xibo with Docker for Windows on a W10 64 machine (of course without VirtualBox).
Both kinds of Installation work well.

My question is related to the item that Docker Toolbox uses c:\users as a shared Folder (for data Exchange with the Windows Host) and therefore the xibo Installation writes in this Folder.
Docker for Windows uses the whole drive C (eg) as a shared room and therefore the Manual says to use c:\xibo for Installation.

I think I can also use c:\users\xibo for Installation under docker for Windows, but I cannot use c:\xibo for Installation under docker Toolbox.

I tried this (changing shared Folder in virtualBox) and xibo does not create the “shared” subfolders.

My apologies for the misunderstanding.

Docker Toolbox is configured to use C:/users. You would therefore need to reconfigure your Docker VM in order to use C:/xibo. Below is a link to a guide for configuring your VM. As you will see in the attached

Whilst it is your choice how you wish to setup your CMS, I would not recommend reconfiguring your Docker VM.

Many Thanks.

that seems to be too complicated for a non-Linux-user. I think, docker Toolbox is no longer my favorite method, although I am forced to use it on a customers machine (w7 64, and I am familiar with VirtualBox).

thank you and greetings from Austria