Docker on ESXi?

Hi there,

We use Windows Server 2016 on VM ESXI across the board here apart from the 1 server currently running Xibo. This is an old physical server and we are looking to move away from this to Virtual. However we would rather not use 2012 or anything else but the Docker required for Xibo doesn’t work on 2016.

My question is does the Xibo Docker work in the new Native Docker environments available within the latest ESXI???



I’ve no idea I’m afraid. If it were me, I’d install an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 bit Linux VM on your ESXi host and run Docker on that.

If you want go virtual, please consider to install Docker (and Xibo) on a small Linux virtual machine, I can suggest you to try a LAMP appliance from TurnKey, try the VMDK file, it has already installed the VMware tools.
I have installed more than 20 Xibo servers in this way and it’s easy.

@Alex: why Xibo doesn’t prepare a ready-to-use image for the most know hypervisors on the market ?

@DZAUKER because we provide Docker images, which are far more flexible and light weight than a VM image.

Installing Xibo on a LAMP stack is hard to get right. It’s certianly possible, but it requires a lot of ongoing maintenance to keep current. I’ve blogged about why we’ve chosen Docker, and the reasons I give there still stand.