Docker for server 2016

So far this week I’ve run into 52 problems trying to get from 1.8rc3 to 1.8.
I had to convince my management to buy a server 2016 license ahead of our EA renewal to get the new version installed using Docker.
I got 2016 installed, Docker for Windows says it only runs on Win10 (Pro,ENT or EDU). I find Docker for Windows Server 2016 and try it. The docker support people tell me it should work, but when I run:
Docker-compose up -d
I get this error:
Creating network “xibodocker_default” with the default driver
ERROR: HNS failed with error : The parameter is incorrect.

And this is where I’m stuck. Help?

I don’t have access to a Server 2016 server here to try this on I’m afraid.

As a first step, I think I’d try the Docker reset process:

From what I can see, Docker for Windows Server 2016 deals with Windows containers (ie running Windows based applications in a container environment, rather than Linux containers which is what we’re concerned with, and what Docker for Windows (on Windows 10 certainly) provides).

It would be worth clarifying with the Docker support people what the version they have provided you will run.

so I’ve confirmed that docker for server 2016 only handles windows containers. There’s a complex work-around that involves copying files a working win10 install, but isn’t supported. Since I’m limited to what I can run on our production VM server, I’m going to look at VMWare’ Vsphere Integrated Containers, which is VM’s answer to Docker.Other than that, I’ll have to go down the old route of a xamp solution on my current box.

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Thank you. I’ve added a note regarding the suitability of Docker for Server 2016 to the manual.