Do I need 2 computers to run Xibo? OR can I run off one?

I’m a receptionist in a attorneys office and he put a 60" LCD TV behind me the wall and wants to have a changing screen with info on it run by a computer, like a screensaver, but it would always be on. I found Xibo in my google search. It looks like what we want. Is it possible to run it directly to the screen (not go though a server computer, through the modem to another computer with the screen?). We have the TV connected via HDMI cable to a desktop computer. The 60" tv is the monitor for the computer. Can the xibo singage be crated and run from the desk the desktop computer? If so, how? Step by step instruction would be very helpful.

Thank you,

So you will need Xibo CMS, which can be hosted on your local Windows desktop web server, or you could use hosting offered by, for example the project sponsors (Spring Signage).

Once you will the CMS, you will need signage players, in this case Xibo for Windows.

Once you would have that, you can design your layouts in Xibo CMS and schedule them to display on your Xibo for Windows player, which then will be displayed on the screen (TV in this case).

If the TV is the only screen for that desktop that’s all, if it’s second screen for that desktop, that’s also not an issue, but you will have to configure the display profile, so Xibo will know on which screen it should display the content.

Let me know if you’d have any further questions.