Displays switch back to unauthorized cause e-mail isn't in licence pool

We are trying to run Xibo on two screens. Everything is set up fine in the CMS (layout, schedule, displays, etc.) and the local times set correctly on the displays. The layout runs fine on the displays for a while.

However after authorizing the displays, it always switches back to unauthorized after a while at least for one of the displays with a report on the android box that the mailaddress couldn’t be found in the licence pool.


We definitely bought 2 licences for our displays in our xibo account with the e-mail anmeldung@insomnia-berlin.de so we don’t understand why the e-mail isn’t accepted and the displays switch back to trial-license.

I couldn’t attach the troubleshoot zip and was only able to upload one image here but would appreciate help.

PS: Is there any direct support apart from this forum?

Yes, and it would be better to contact Spring Signage directly via email support@springsignage.com or Help and FAQs | Xibo Open Source Digital Signage

You do have 2 licences and 2 devices licensed against your licence pool at the moment, one of them didn’t reach licencing server since 06.05.

Is there some firewall/proxy in place that can block the connection between your android player and the licencing server?

We’re happy to discuss that further over support ticket.