Displays and Layouts appear to be lost?


Updated our server to 1.8.10 and now all the layouts and displays appear to be lost.

I recreated the containers and restarted everything, all my settings is still there, its just the layouts, displays and users that appear to be gone. I can however log in using my account and all the players connect to the CMS without any problems so i dont think that it is actually lost.

I also cant create any new layouts, just getting the error “This form as expired, please refresh this page”

Running 1.8.10 on a windows machine.

I assume this is docker for windows?

When you did the stop/start containers it didn’t change anything?
usually that should be all you need to do after reboot https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/install_docker_win10_64bit.html#special_considerations

It would be also good to confirm just in case, that it’s not just browser cache.

If not, you could try resetting docker to factory default, share the C drive again and run the up command again.

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Yes its a docker installation, resetting docker didnt work either. Gonna try and restore from backup and hope that it helps. Otherwise i guess its a reinstall…