Displaying Sharepoint Online documents in xibo

Hi guys, I’m trying to display a document from my Sharepoint library on Xibo using the embed code. I copied the embed information from sharepoint and pasted it into a new embed region on Xibo. When I previewed it the placeholder was blank with a little login button, so I opened a new I.E. tab and logged into my sharepoint account and then previewed again and it recognised my login from IE and displayed the document pefectly.

Now the issue is when I actually send this out to the Windows client, I see the same blank login page in the place holder on the Xibo player so I open I.E. on that client and log into sharepoint (the same way as the above scenario) but it doesn’t pick up my login as it does on the preview machine, the region continues to dsiplay the blank page with login button.

Any advice on how I can replicate the login process would be appreciated.


Perhaps this would help you? Display internal Sharepoint RSS feed in Xibo 1.7.x

It’s not our guide, but perhaps you will find it helpful.

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Thnak you Peter, I’ve already seen that article before. Anyway I found a decent solution. Sharepoint allows users to share documents withoutu authentication using a guest link so I used that in the embed code in place of the normal link and it works.


Cool, I’m glad you’ve found the solution to this problem.