Displaying a clock every full minute for 10 seconds

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to setup a layout with a clock in one corner that should show up on each full minute and display time for like 10 or 15 seconds.
Is it possible to schedule this in a way that its depended on the system time and not with the normal “loop after x seconds”?
If i use this method instead the clock gets out of sync sooner or later and displays at “random” times.

Thanks in advance

Layouts will always be displayed according to the duration set on the widgets you have in the layout.

All items should be displayed for the specified duration, I would not expect that to be suddenly out of sync in a major way.

I’d make a layout with the clock region in the corner of the screen, set to show for 10 seconds, and then a transparent png image or similar set to show for 50 seconds.

Schedule that as an overlay layout starting at say 8am and continuing forever, and then it should bring up a clock for 10 seconds and then go for 50 seconds indefinitely over whatever other layouts you have scheduled.

Note that if you’re using the Windows Player, overlapping regions are not supported so you’ll need to be careful where the clock sits in relation to your other layouts content.