Display video on android R58 version, sound is ok

Hi everybody,
I still have a problem to view video (sound is ok) on android player with R58 client version, R57 works. I read the posts on this topic Android Client - Only Sound, No Video with any video file type , upgraded CMS version to 1.7.5, Modified the config file in CMS, used public storage on android player nothing works for R58. Any idea? thanks

Just for clarity, you applied a patch to your CMS ie the one here https://github.com/dasgarner/xibo-cms/commit/b4285878f9053d52bd0a38bedf2b88b4d66c8dee

It gives you an option to use ‘old’ SurfaceView on your android device with R58.
So did you tick the checkbox for it in display profile settings?

With this option ticked (ie force it to use SurfaceView) it should render the video the exact same way as R57 did so it should be fine on your device.

Very good, after updating CMS config file, there is an new option in the Display setting profil, “Use a SurfaceView for Video Rendering?” and, after re installing R58 version on client, evething is fine. Many thanks

Great, I am glad that it solved your problem