Android Client - Only Sound, No Video with any video file type

Hi All,

I’ve recently installed both Xibo for Android version 1.7R58 on a Minix Neo X5 mini updated with the latest firmware version June 4th 2015 from the Minix forums and the latest Windows client on a HP T610 thin client. I’ve also installed the xibo server on a Debian 8.0 installation.

The Windows HP T610 client was installed with clean windows 7 embedded and is able to run any video without problems. The Android client on the other hand is unable to play any video i throw at it (MP4, MKV, WMV etc.), all i get is sound… If i upload the video directly to the device itself and play with either BSplayer, VLC or any other video player installed on the Minix it runs smooth.

The status Window shows no errors, the FAQ’s told me to try and enable Public storage, which i did, to no avail. I’ve also tried to fiddle with the video using handbrake assigning it the default Android or Android Tablet settings and lowering or at least setting the bitrage to the advised average of 1000kbps.

I’ve also enabled auditing but to my knowledge it shows me no errors…

The layout i’ve created should be fine as it plays perfectly on the Windows client. So i’m at a total loss as to what the issue might be on the Minix…

Any help is appreciated, and hopefully apart from some printscreens/attachments i’ve provided sufficient information.


The FAQ is correct. You need to enable public storage, and then from the list of storage locations choose the first available option (the emulated SD card in your device).

Then allow the Player time to download your content again and it should play the video if Android itself is able. Players such as BSPlayer may bring their own codecs so it isn’t a valid test. The FAQ lists the video formats that will work well with Android so use those to be sure.

Failing that, the X6mini isn’t a device on our recommended list so it’s not one we test with specifically. It may be that you need to apply the compatibility patch to the CMS mentioned in the 1.7 R58 Android player release notes.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your quick reply, first of all, saw my own typo after your reply… It’s the Neo X5 mini and not the X6. sorry about that. Other then that, all i can say is i have enabled public storage, waited for the file to be downloaded to the public storage and at that point it still wouldn’t play video, only sound.

Also i’ve used handbrake and done a quick transcode to the specified settings and that one will not play either.

Not quite sure i read about a compatibility patch, but i’ll check and install. ** Edit: Installed the patch and restarted xibo server just in case, however still only sound and no video**


Can you install R57 and see if that is any different please?

Took your advice and did so, works like a charm now.
Any clues/ideas on how to fix the issue with version 58?


So R57 uses the old video rendering method and R58 the new. The patch you applied to the CMS switches R58 to use the old method too.

So either the patch wasn’t applied correctly or the R58 Player wasn’t able to apply the settings correctly for some reason. If you upgrade to R58 now, does it work? It may need to register with the CMS and then restart the app for the setting to apply.

Failing that, check that the patch was applied correctly to the CMS.

Cheers! I did install the patch correctly and ticked the box, however apache2 had not completed restarting, so effectively nothing happened, went to Display settings again, ticked the box and now the video plays smooth on R58 with useSurfaceView enabled.

Thanks for your quick replies/help!

Glad it’s working for you.

Best wishes