Display turns off


we´ve got about 140 PCs connected to a xibo server. We use four different types of displays and all of them turning off from time to time (Showing “no signal via HDMI”). Windows energy settings are configured to keep every connection alive with no exceptions. The Displays are set to “Continuous operation” and all powersaver modes are disabled.

Neverthless - with no Recognizable regularity some displays turning off. Some Ideas how to fix that?

Do they happen to be Vizio TV’s and/or particularly dark screens (black backgrounds)? I noticed that this triggers some Vizio E-Series to turn dark. I think it has to do with Active LED zones turning off their LED’s when things are supposedly ‘black’.

Alternatively, check your drivers, even though Windows energy settings may be set one way, your display may still turn off because of an energy saving setting in your video driver.

Thanks for your answer.

We use different monitors from different vendors such as Samsung public Displays, some older Hitachi Plasmas and customized 19" industrial monitors. They are all driven by a Gigabyte Windows PC, with same OS-Image, administrated in a windows-domain. Energy policy is handled by GPO.

I just changed the value “adaptives Abschalten” (Adaptive switch off) to “off”. Will see if that was the missing option.