Display Thumbnail

I have a question about the display thumbnail image for a device. Is there anyway to click the thumbnail image and not have the player status info shown? Just display the image only.


The display thumbnail will show player status info as well as the image, with no setting to separate those.

Please do post in our Feature Request category for consideration and for further feedback from other users :slight_smile:

I do see that if you click the area to the left or right of the display thumbnail, it will display a nice preview without the player status window. That is great but im using a bot to download that preview for a facebook posting. But the automation software cannot seem to figure out the code for that section of area to the left or right of the bitmap preview. It always defaults to preview that includes the player status info. It results in a decent preview but I wanted the clean preview without player status info.

Is this a documented way of the software displaying the 2 different style previews. One when you direclty click the thumbnail image (includes status) and the other when you click the “gray” area beside the bitmap which shows the clean preview.