Display Statistics, Bandwidth Hog

We are attempting to narrow down some of our setups, and we are having an issue with Bandwidth. We have 1 client currently setup, connecting to an external server. The runs a fairly simple layout, 3 regions, bottom plays constant HTML,right plays 2 html pages and 1 static jpg, and our main region plays 3 videos and 2 jpgs. Between each loop, it plays a fullscreen layout, which plays 2 html regions.

When we log into our CMS, over a 2 day period, our client is showing schedule bandwidth of 6.52G. Given the small amount of content, this seems rather high, and it seems to be climbing by the minute.

We have the client collect interval set to 1 minute (we are still trying to solve issues we have experiencing with XMR).

are we missing something that is causing the client not to play the content cached locally, because at the moment we are stumped.


If you filter the bandwidth to that display only, it will show you each of the calls the display can make, and therefore narrow it down as to which call is using the bandwidth.

For example:

You say Schedule bandwidth? Is that where you’re getting that number from?

If so, then it’s very unlikely to be a bug and more likely to be the way you’ve scheduled things, causing a very large schedule to be generated. That will then be downloaded every minute per your collection interval, regardless of whether there’s any change.

How have you scheduled your layouts? I’ll need full details, including any repeats that you’ve configured.

Right now the client is set to display 2 layouts, the first is a Standard-Global (which we plan at some point to run on multiple Clients) and has a run time of 2:15. The 2nd layout is a Standard Global Full Screen (which we also plan to run on multiple Clients) which plays for 13 seconds. I gave more details above.

i then added the 2 layouts to a “Global” campaign.

After that i added an event under Schedule , type Campaign/layout for the client, with DayParting set to always, using the Global Campaign, display order 0 with Priority 0 and no Repeats.

Hope that helps.

So you have one campaign scheduled, for Always, no repeats?

Were there more complex schedules previously? Typically you’d see the behaviour you describe when there’s a schedule that repeats every minute for example, which generates huge schedule XML files.

Assuming the Player is a Windows Player, and then look in the local library on the Player for a file called schedule.xml. How large is that file?

ok, i think i might see the problem then. the schedule.xml is 2.8mb is size, and have “” repeated constantly in that file. one of the other techs was dealing with trying to get RS232 working, but since XMR isn’t working he was trying to create a scheduled task that would tell the player to run this command every so often, unfortunately, we can now no longer access the Schedules tab to turn the event off.


Are you able to share a copy of that file so I can see where the “” are coming in there? Perhaps upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox or similar, and then share the link in a PM to me?