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Dear community,
We are testing an ANDROID 7.12 /21,5 inch tablet digital signage, and we want to test XIBO for professionnal use for our customers. When we launch the APK, XIBO is displayed in LANDSCAPE, what ever option we select in SETTINGS. We force the tablet in DISPLAY /…/HDMI/ HDMI ROTATE 270, but XIBO is still launched as landscape. Curiously, the activation page for entering the key on XIBO is displayedas portrait… Could you please help us ? thanks a lot for this. BR. Arthur

In the Display Settings profile in the CMS, ensure you have the rotation setting there set to Portrait or Reverse Portrait.

Xibo will enforce that setting when it first launches, so you’ll need to set it, allow time for the setting to download, and then restart the Player.

Dear Alex,
I beleive I didn’t find the Display settings profile. Each time I try to find it, ecah time I end up in the Android settings, not the CMS one. Could you please tell me how to reach this menu ?
What we did :
1/ we start XIBO
2/ we click top right and get the menu:
Connect to CMS
Check Licence

Clicking on SETTINGS gives acces to a page with STORAGE LOCATION/ replace Splash Screen/ Hardware key / and Debugging session.

Clicking on System displays the ANDROID settings. We set HDMI to 270 degree but when we launch XIBOI, it doesn’t change anythiung.

Thanks for helping,
Gilles (company owner)

It’s in the CMS not on the Player.

Log in to your CMS, and from the left menu choose Display Settings. Find the Android profile, edit it, and make the changes you want there.

This is covered in detail in our free training course:

I’ve done the operation as you said. But the CMS is telling me this message (screenshot bellow): Impossible to clear data base, whenever I’m exporting the new settings (Display horizontal).


Dear Alex,

we have nbeen trying to get your CMS working for 2 weeks now and if you do not support us, we will not be able to select it for our new offer.
We have sent you an error message, without your help, we cannot move forward.

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