Display problem of the hour

Hi all,
when I put the time on my presentation, I have one hour shift. how to cure it ? Thank you for your help.
For information, I am in France and i use xibo 1.7 on windows 7.
Thank you for your help.

Do you mean that the clock runs for one hour and then stops? When I found this happening on my layout, I worked around it by adding two clocks on the same region, each set to run for the same amount of time (one hour, for instance). This way, when the first one expires, the second one starts, and when the second one expires, the first one starts in an endless loop.

Hope that helps!

First of all,Thank you for your help.
In doing, when I insert the xibo clock, I have one hour ahead : at noon, it shows me one hour?

Do you mean when it is 12pm, it is really showing 1pm?

yes, and I do not know where the problem

The clock uses the local PC date and the CMS locale to calculate and format the date/time. Are you sure the local PC date/time are correct?