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Good morning all,

As said in the title I have a problem seeing a WEB page.
When creating my layout when I add my WEB page and save, at the top left I have an exclamation mark that says "Some elements of this layout are only visible on a display ", I don’t know what that corresponds to.
Then I plan the layout, on the display in question a black screen appears instead of the WEB page.
In addition on one of my displays, I manage to display a WEB page.

thank you for your understanding


Hi qhauye1, welcome to the Xibo community!

Could you provide some more information about your issue, for example:

  • What CMS version are you using?
  • What player platform and version are you using? You can check this in your CMS on the Displays page. Simply click the column visibility button and choose version to reveal the player version on each of your displays.
  • Are you using the Webpage or Embedded widget for the web page you are trying to display?
  • Can you provide the URL of the webpage you are trying to display so I can test this? If it is confidential, please provide the URL in a private message.

The ! Some elements of this layout can only be assessed by the display status you are seeing in your CMS layout designer is the expected status when using web content in your layout.


When you access your CMS and create a layout, it is very likely you are using a web browser that will be different from the one installed on your device and being used by the Xibo player. Not all web browsers can display the same content, or if they do they may not all display it the same way. Xibo CMS has a preview layout option available but that will use the browser you are using to access your CMS, not the browser used by your players. This is why you see the message if web content is in the layout, it means that to be able to know how this layout will appear on your player, you would have to schedule it to that player.

Many Thanks.

Here is the additional information:

  • I am using version 2.3.8 for the CMS
  • The reader version is the same for all displays (1.8.14-134)
  • I use the web page
  • I cannot provide the URL since it is accessible when internal

When I access the CMS I use Google Chrome, it is also installed on the displays.
There are some displays where I can display the web page and there are others or it does not work.

Thank you.


Did you already added the following line in HTML to Embed:
<!-- BROWSER=chromium-->

this will force the player to use chrome that is installed on the player.

I had the same issue with some sites and HTML5 content, after using chromium as browser, 99% of the problems went away. Even on older devices it seems to run smoother, youtube and html5 weather forecast info.

No I didn’t add this line in HTML, am I supposed to add it or exactly?

Thank you for your reply

Yes you can. And try again. In my case Youtube 1080P had a lot of stutters when forcing the quality to HD since standard browser is Edge…

I did not understand or should I add the line?

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