Display not logged in. xibo 1.8 and docker

Running Xibo version 1.8 under docker on Windows 10 Enterprise, static ip.
Player version is 1.8.11 running on windows 10 Enterprise, dhcp.

I have the CMS up and running, have layouts working when I preview them from the web interface.
The display is authorized but is not logged in. The display is seen by the CMS but is listed as not logged in. The player is logegd in and displays the default screen “Xibo Open Source Digital Signage”. Firewall is off on both the player and the CMS box.

How can this be fixed. So close to success with this!

Could you open ‘Manage’ page for this display and see what files are missing?
Status information on the player could be helpful as well.

In general, if it’s not logged in for a extended period of time, then that could imply connection issues between the player and the CMS - or that the display is down for some reason.

Side note might be good to use 1.8.2 CMS and players.

Uninstalled the 1.8.11 player and installed the 1.8.2 player. Working fine now.