Display is out of date - Splash Screen Only

I’ve just read a lot of topics about the same problem and tried everyone suggestion, but nothing works.

I’m on Windows, Xibo Digital Signage - www.xibo.org.uk. Version 1.7.9

Don’t know what to do.

It shows me only the splash page, I tried a lot - very very lot - of combination, changed the layout. set up most of the settings… but nothing works, please help me!

The preview is perfectly working.

Until 2 weeks ago all worked properly, but one day it started to show the splash page over and over again.

I’m still trying, now it tells me that there is a problem with the scheduling: Unable to load schedule from disk.

Could you send me your layout (default layout for this player) via private message please? Just so I can take a look at it and make sure that it’s valid.

Unless you’ve invented a time machine those dates aren’t looking too good hm?
Could you please check date&time settings on this PC?

don’t know how to pm.

I solved the problem of time machine just 5 minutes after the screenshot, but to lazy to do oneother screenshot. Now I send you one where everything is ok, but still doesn’t works.

I send you the gdrive folder with the export of my default-layout and some other photos i think may help you understand my situatuation. [I use italian language, but think there will be no problem with the language]


Thanks a lot!

Right, settings look good, although keep in mind that it will download new content/schedule only between 00:10 and 05:00.

The error in logs, seems to be caused by the date&time on your PC.

As for the layout, just images and videos, that should not be an issue, if your device was able to download everything - which it seems it was, (checkmark status).

What you could do is, create some very simple layout (some text/image) set it as default layout for your display and make sure it can display that.

Then, schedule your layout with multiple images/videos to your display and see if it will work - assuming that date&time is now correct and matching CMS time of course.

For this test, you might want to edit display profile so the download window is always open ie 00:00 and 00:00.

I think that
For this test, you might want to edit display profile so the download window is always open ie 00:00 and 00:00.
Solved my problem.
I also deleted and re-created the layout and the display.

Thanks a lot!