“Display is out of date but has not yet checked in with the server”

I am having some issues with sending those contents to display screens.

As you can see from the figure below, some of the displays are fine, however, some are giving the error message: “Display is out of date but has not yet checked in with the server”

Even though I am sending exactly the same content to each screen, problem occurs in some of them. Do you know the reason why we might be having such issue?

If your displays are connected to the CMS (logged in column), they should be able to download any new/updated content/schedule.

They will try to reach CMS each collection interval - How do Players communicate with the CMS?

If your player can’t reach CMS over extended period of times, then that may imply some connection issues.

Hi Peter
What do you mean exactly by connection problems? Can you specify? What steps should we take to solve them?

Check if the PC with player installed on it can reach the CMS (in the browser), see in Xibo player status window if it reports any errors, check in CMS displays page if that player is logged in.

They are not “logged in” on displays page. How can I change it?

Well if the PC with that Xibo player can access the CMS then it should be logged in, if it can’t access it, then it should show some errors in status window.

That’s the error:
You probably want to allow larger files to be uploaded than is currently available with your PHP configuration.
We suggest setting your PHP post_max_size and upload_max_size to at least 128M, and also increasing your max_execution_time to at least 120 seconds.

How can i change the settings?

That’s not an error really, but please do have a look here - How do I upload files bigger than 2MB / How can I increase the upload file size limit?

You will need to edit your php.ini and then restart your web server.

Hi Peter,
I still could not solve the issue. It is now logged in but I cannot get the player status.
I tried those methods in the following article.

But i believe it is for android, i use windows, can it be the reason why I cannot take the status?
For the option 1, where can I click “Status”?

As soon as I can get the status window ill send you a ss.

Please find the attached ss of error log

Could you please open php.ini, find this line
always_populate_raw_post_data -1 and make sure it’s not commented out (no ; before that line in php.ini)

then restart your web server.

is it possible that I don’t have this line in my php.ini? I literally
cannot find it.

It’s core php setting so it must be there, it’s removed in php 7, but I doubt you use it, because it’s not supported yet (and won’t be in 1.7 series)