Display group inside Row Menu permissions

Dear all,

I was wondering if is there any way to show the display group option inside row menu (display menu) when the user has a user o group admin profile. Right now, it looks like is only accesible when the user is super admin.
To assign displays to groups the user has to go to display groups menu and do it from there, and is quite tedious because we have like 800 displays.

It might be available only for super admins.

I don’t think that would be a faster way to assign your displays to display groups though.

On display groups page, you edit members and add all displays that should be assigned to that display group in one form.

The option you mentioned on Displays page, would require you to do that for each display you have and assign them one by one to display groups.

Hi Peter,

Yes, but when we set up a new display we assign it to its groups, and we do it from the display group menu, and is quite straight forward. If you want to assignh the display to five groups is way faster like this.
And is very useful too when you want to check in which groups is the display.
Without this option, as a user, you have to go to display group menu, and if you have 50 groups, you have to go one by one to check if the display is inside that group or not.