Display errors on Windows client

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We are running the 1.8.12 Windows client on some Intel Compute Sticks - the current layout is very basic with a Ticker module showing a complete dataset with some custom CSS. There’s also one tiny image (the NHS logo) and a simple text module header. The ticker needs to update quite frequently so it’s currently refreshing once per minute.

We are having a recurring issue where when the content changes they display will not refresh properly and will look “corrupted” - I’ve attached screenshots to demonstrate. It looks like a rendering issue rather than anything with the data, like it’s not rendered fully. This always then clears on the next screen refresh, but it’s a bit jarring as it happens quite regularly.

I’ve tried replacing the compute stick, and also tried making the registry change to enable GPU rendering. Is there anything else you can suggest please? It’s only the ticker part that has the issue so it might be a problem with the module itself or how we’ve configured it?

The CMS is version 1.8.12 and running on Docker - the client is the Windows 1.8.12 version.

Many thanks

Please check you have the latest Intel graphics drivers installed. The ones provided by Microsoft in Windows Update are known to cause issues.

You should also check that Windows Display Scaling is set to 100%.

Once both have been changed, reboot the device to apply the changes.

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