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Hi Xiboers, we’ve successfully implemented a solution for a client utilizing Xibo at 30 different dealers across the country.
Content/media is pushed using 4G routers to the DSDevices - works really well.
A number of different campaigns are configured for the dealers, but they all more or less show the same media using campaigns assigned to display groups.
They’ve now requested that each dealer can show some custom content/media in addition to the planned content.

My initial thoughts was to check if “custom fields” for displays existed, but I couldn’t find anything. I did find a previous community post that received no replies. Display Custom Fields

How can this be implemented without creating playlists for each dealer?

for best results, and control…i suggest you keep a separate LAYOUT for each display, then use display groups when needed. having a dedicated layout per screen is the way to go. open and close ours may not be the same across dealers and or may have different promotion months etc. Its a pain having just one or two layouts and then 5 displays.

when each display has its own layout(s), it is more easy to manage it…a 3 division screen, a 2 division and a full screen layouts for 1 display is best…easy to throw anything on the screen at a specific time for a specific season

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Aponkye, thanks for your reply and insights. Was hoping to be able to build a “template” with variables that would get popuplated based on a custom field on the display i.e. dealership. Then be able to make dynamic text like “[Dealership name] now offers…”

I expect to have approximately 70-80 displays later this year. But customizing the layout rather that playlists and assign media using display groups to the “custom layouts” could make the personalized in some way. Thanks again Aponkye :+1:

i have created multiple LAYOUTS…each layout has a different TEMPLATE…this allows me to show contents in different sizes…

6 REGIONS…this is my main lay out, my 2nd layout has 5 REGIONS, 3rd has 4 and so on…it much easier to have multiple template multiple layouts

at my end, each DISPLAY SCREEN is assigned 4 DIFFERENT LAYOUTS…so that every location can be controlled individually, easily…playlist, schedule,

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