Display Custom Fields



Feature Idea:
Ability to have ‘Custom Fields’ that could be attributed to Displays. Their values could then be used dynamically in Layouts as well as DataSet / Ticker filters.

This would greatly reduce the number of layouts needed for larger deployments where multiple screens are showing much of the same information, but with some small differences (such as room or location name).

Ideally, there would be a menu item called ‘Custom Fields’. In this menu you could then set up ‘Groups’ of custom fields.

You could then ‘Assign’ groups of custom fields to display(s). Field values would be populated in a new tab under ‘Edit Display’.

Example fields in my usage scenario might include the Display Location, Level, Room Name etc.

These fields would show in the layout designer as subsitutions tokens, just like the Ticker module.
They would also be available in Dataset Filter queries which would greatly enhance the usage of datasets.

For example, one layout could be used to show current events across multiple buildings or conference rooms based on dataset data which is filtered based on the display’s custom fields.

Hope that makes sense.

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