Display advertising and interactive website full screen

Dear Support Xibo, Staf of Xibo Group,

Sorry for my English, because I’m from Peru and I use the Google translator.

I’m learning to use this great software and all its benefits and potential that makes it unique

Currently I’ve used from previous versions, and everything has gone very well, but I have some queries regarding special functions I want to know if possible.

I want to show a Windows 8 touch screen with a website that would be interactive (as entering text in the fields) and at the same time advertising either full screen video or jpg when not in use such web.

  • That is when I do not touch the screen, display advertising (video or jpg) full screen all the time.

  • If I touch the touch screen, a web page is displayed and also can interact and use the keyboard floating windows.

  • If not will interact on the website for 50 seconds, then advertising full screen until someone again touch the screen to activate.

It would be interesting to know if that would be possible.

Maybe with some Scrip, HTML, Provisions, Campaigns?
I’ve tried but did not succeed, only shows the website …

Server: Windows 7 Pro , CMS Version: 1.7.8
Station Client: Windows 8.1 Pro x64 Intel i5 NUC with touch screen 16.5 ‘’

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Best regards

Yours Ruben.

Someone would know about my query?

I think your best bet would be to use browser in kiosk mode with that webpage open.

Then configure Xibo as a screensaver - http://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/install_windows_client_screensaver.html

So when there is no user interactions display will show screensaver (Xibo) and when someone does touch it it will show your webpage.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for that great data / information.

I had not reviewed on these points.

The serious disadvantage when the user to manipulate and close the web browser.
In Xibo eg no way to close it (web) at least if there is no keyboard.

I probare and tell you as I was.

Thank you

I tried the solution and I can say it works fine.

I can run the scroll of images and videos, and when I touch the screen web page full screen muetsra using the Internet Explorer browser.

Now the only drawback is, if the future will use another web address, then would have to approach each client station and change it manually.

The best option would be for Team Viewer, but that makes use a second program and is vulnerable to the user to change or close the browser.
Would have to create a bat that does not happen.

Vere decide which options to use …