Display activity explanations


I have these colors on the status of my displays, Yellow, red, green, what is the meaning, and where can I see the report of why it is a specific color.

I have checked in the status, and there are some crosses, and exclamation points, but it does not tell me much.

When i go to the “recent log” for one display this is what I get, but I do not understand the meaning of the errors, on the display, when it is online, everything seems fine.

=> Is there a special page where i can get more detail report about what exactly is the issue ?
Thanks !

Green - checkmark status (up to date)
Yellow - (!) status, player wasn’t logged in since the content change
Red - (X) status, player is downloading new content.

As for error log, at a guess it will have something to do with durations on your layout.
Could you please export your layout and send it to me via private message, I’ll have a look at it.

Hi thanks, I just sent it.