Display a website which requires login

Hi all

I am trying to display a website which is a live view of a sales team’s call stats. The website requires a log in to view the live stats. Is there a way of getting Xibo to “log in” using my credentials so that it can display the page?

I am not very technical so apologies if this is reasonably basic. I am a team leader in a sales team and we don’t have much in the way of technical support for Xibo within my company.

Thank you for your help


If the webpage supports basic authentication (ie. user:password in the URL) then yes, it is possible.
example - http://username:password@davesite.co.uk
Otherwise sadly it’s not.

Hi, thank you for the response. Sadly it looks like this webpage does not support that method of login.

I am trying to look into a sort of proxy service which will log in and present the page under a different URL which could work so perhaps not a total dead end.

Would you able to display web pages which required login using proxy service? if so please help on this.