Display a Website under Xibo 2.0.3

Recently i’ve updated my Xibo CMS from 1.8 to 2.0.3 and now i want to display a website on my xibo windows client. I have the Problem that the Website can’t be displayed by the Client. The Error Message tells me “Cannot run Monitoring.Browser not supported - Internet Explorer 7”. The Client has IE11 with Win10. I also tested the Website on IE11 and it’s works fine.
Can somebody help me by this problem?

Hi Patrick,

did it work befor the Update to 2.0.3?

Greetings from Germany

Further to SteitzTo’s question, can you also provide the URL you are trying to display on your Windows Player?

Also what is the version of the Xibo for Windows Player that you are using? The Player is responsible for rendering the website in the Layout so the version of your CMS should not affect the playback.

Can you also confirm if you are able to Preview the Layout in your CMS?

Many Thanks.