Dispaly on android

i tried to setup the server on my ubuntu , i installed the android client (nexus tablet) and got the license setup, but when i assign some videos and say schedule now, i dont see them being played on the client, i am not sure what am i missing here,

do we need the android tablet to be rooted?

Could some one please help,

Could you please show us a screenshot of status window on your android device please?
Getting the Player Status

It’s quite possible that your tablet is still downloading those videos from CMS (assuming that it is connected to it and has no internet connection issues. In any case, status window should tell us more.

Hi Peter

Thanks for your reply, i see the settings show as player is missing dependencies , the files seems be downloaded fine.

also when i try to access settings, it pops up saying “please enter your password to gain access to settings” while i have never setup any password here,

Try to give it some more time / restart the device it should be fine.

In the CMS → display settings → edit display profile assigned to your device ->Password Protect Settings
You probably entered something there and now your device is asking you for that password.

i got the password, thanks for that, i rebooted the device and did a schedule now again but nothing appears on the tablet, here are my screenshots, please help


i see one error /warning for the internationaliztion in the report fault page, does this relate by any chance?

yah it started playing back the content now, thanks for the assurance peter :slight_smile:

It probably just needed some time, as there was no other errors on status window.

In any case, I’m glad it seems to work fine now :slight_smile: