Digisign PC wont see the CMS Server and cant ping the IP


I have set up the Xibo with docker on a windows 7 PC. I have launched it and all seems working and I have created content. Tested it locally on that pc with the Xibo player and works fine.

When I have installed the Xibo player on another PC it cannot see the Server PC. I have checked that the Docker setting have been set for port forwarding and they have. The PCs also dont have a firewall enabled. They are both located within a domain at a school.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


I may be new here at Xibo but this sounds like a standard networking issue. Start at some point between the CMS and the Player (like your workstation) and follow the trail.

Do the W7, CMS and Player machines all have an IP address, and are the Default Gateway and Subnet Mask the same?
Does your workstation get the same IP settings?
From your workstation can you ping the W7 box?
From your workstation can you ping the CMS?
From your workstation can you ping the Player?
Are you pinging the IP or the name? If you’re trying to ping the host name try pinging the IP instead.
Are there any VLANs involved?

Can you provide more information when you say that the Xibo Player cannot see the server PC?

When setting up your Xibo for Windows Player, you will have entered the CMS URL or IP address and CMS Key, into the Xibo Player Options application. Can you confirm what message you are receiving when you click Save?

Many Thanks.


Sorry i havent gotten back to you. I managed to resolve this issue. Cheers for your help

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Thank you for confirming the issue is resolved.

Many Thanks.