Desktop shortcut to launch XMR push

Was wondering if there was a way to build a desktop shortcut to push an xmr style command to trigger an emergency alert image/notification on all systems at once. Something I could put on a couple of the operations managers desktops.

XMR itself should be running all the time.

What you would probably want is to write API call, that would force change layout on specified displays/displayGroup when run.

It could be even done with just postman which is an add-on to chrome (no programming ‘skillz’ required), once configured it would just require one button (send) to be pressed.

Postman can also share/sync the calls saved in it, so you’d need to configure the call only once I believe.

The calls are described in my API introduction guide on this very site, perhaps that will give you some ideas.

Thanks. Got another question but it is unrelated so I’ll start a new titled thread.