Deleted images/videos still appearing


I’ve deleted images/video’s from a layout’s timeline AND deleted it completely so that it no longer appears in the library, however they are still appearing on the display screens. I am on version 1.6.3

I had this issue before and I did manage to resolve it, but this time around I have about 5 files this has happened to. I can’t find the notes on how I managed to get rid of them the previous time it happened. I’m hoping someone can help!

I experienced the exact same problem recently. I re-licensed the unit to get it working properly. I dont know if there is another way to fix it


for clarity : is it about Windows or Android client?
We’d recommend update to the newest versions, both CMS and clients.

Now, if you deleted the media files from library, they are no longer needed and obviously can’t be added to the layouts.
But, your player can be displaying cached version of current layout, if you made changes to it (ie replaced the media files with new ones) then client should pick up updated content next time it connects to the CMS.
If you’d schedule new layout on this device, then it also should display new content.

It is also possible that the layout you had with old media files (now cached on the player) had some really long durations, which can interfere with updated content / schedule etc.

If this problem persists, please tell us more details and perhaps show us a screenshot of status window on your device.

Thank you for the information!

This morning all the correct screens are showing, I’m not sure the hows and whys but I won’t complain. Is there anywhere with a list of the difference between the newest versions and the version that I am on, which is Windows?


Ok, cool, I am glad that it’s ok now.

As for changes, well quite a lot has changed since 1.6 versions.

You will have to go through Release notes for each version to see the details - Release Notes
The important thing is that you will want to have both CMS and client(s) updated to 1.7 series.

It should be fine to upgrade it in one step ie 1.6.3 - 1.7.5.
Upgrading instructions for CMS are in the release notes too.