Deleted display - can't re-add display

So I have two windows machines that I installed 1.7.9 player on. When I initially added them it went swimmingly. However, I noticed that they were the same IP address, so I changed their IP addresses and deleted the original display from the CMS. Now, when I try to add them to the CMS, I get the “Display is awaiting license approval from administrator,” but no display shows up in the CMS.

Is there a way to fix this?

Change the players hardware key and then reconnect to the CMS. It should show up.

I changed the display ID - no change. I get the same licensing approval message and the display doesn’t appear in the CMS

When I change the key initially, I get a status that says “error adding display.” If I hit save again I get the “licensing approval” message

Now that is interesting. So it sounds like the CMS somehow records the first attempt to register the display but for some reason it fails to record the data correctly, or is unable to show it correctly. Then on subsequent tries it thinks that it just needs approval.

Please turn on logging in the CMS, change the key and then try to register twice. Then look at the log and it should give us the clue as to where the problem is.

If you want to get the player registered, I would think that if you clear all of Xibo off the machine completely (temp files too), then re-install Xibo, that should get you around the issue. However, if you end up with the same hardware key that you had before, it may send you back down the same rabbit hole.

The error messages appeared in this order, the first one a minute or two earlier than the next three

Data Class: Error Number [25004] Error Message [Cannot find display record]

Data Class: Error Number [0] Error Message []

Data Class: Error Number [25001] Error Message [Could not add a display group for the new display.]

Data Class: Error Number [25004] Error Message [Cannot find display record]

Has your maintenance script been running on the cms? I am wondering if the size of the logs might be causing the strange issue. But at this point I am also wondering the state the errors have left the database in as well.

I am thinking the best and easiest fix might be to export your layouts with media and start with a fresh cms install. Then you could re-import the layouts and media. There of course would be some configuration that would need to be done. But at least you would know that your database is ok and I would think after that your issue will also vanish with the new install.

Also just thought about the characters in the displays name. Are any of them non alphanumeric?