Deleted admin users

Hello Dan

I have an issue with my accounts and user

By a mistake I did all my accounts as user include the ( super admin ) now I don not have super admin and I can not access the Xibo

it shows me ( you do not have permission to access this page )

Plaese help us

You would need to access your database to reset your user as Super Admin.

If you are using a Docker Install, see the following instructions in FAQ to connect to your database.

Once connected, use the below SQL commands to help find your user and change your user’s User Type.

SELECT UserID, usertypeid, UserName from `user`;

Identify the UserID of your user

The usertypeid values represent the below User Types.
1 - super admin
2 - group admin
3 - user

You will need to change usertypeid to 1 for your UserID

UPDATE `user` set `usertypeid` = 1 WHERE `UserID` = {UserID};