Delay between 2 layouts

When I change layouts the previous layout appears a few second and then we can see the new layout.
How can I decrease or delete this delay ?

There are a few threads out there already that discuss this. I would suggest searching for those to see if they help.

To help, please describe your layouts a bit more (duration, regions, and content type). Also, How long is the delay you are seeing? Also, please describe how you are scheduling your layouts?

The Player switches as quickly as it’s able from layout to layout. Any delay is purely down to the time it takes your computer to load the next set of media items. As @hyerk says that can be worsened by using very large videos, very high resolution images etc or if the computer is low specification or has old graphics drivers etc installed.

Have a look through the other threads as this has all been covered at length before many times.

Yes the PC is a little old…but even I put just some picture it take a few second (2-3) .
But can we change it in the php.ini file or somewhere in the database ?
Thank you again

You can’t change it! We’re not adding any delay!

Ok no problem ! have a good day

Theogrs, How old is the PC? We are running the windows client on modest hardware and the transition between .jpg files is smooth with a soft less than a second transition.

I will also add that if you need such a smooth and quick transition that perhaps you should take your content and create a video out of it to ensure quick and smooth transitions that meet your expectations. In our environment we have users use PowerPoint. If they have one slide of content the just save the slide as a .jpg and if they have multiple we have them sent the delays and transitions between each slide and save it as a .wmv. At this point the only ‘uncontrollable’ transitions and delays are between the different scheduled layouts.

Maybe this info will help…

When the layout is launched there is no delay, but when I change the layout the previous layout appears a few second but it’s not very disturbing :wink:

PS : my powerpoint does never work. They ask me to download it, or open it on PowerPoint and no on the display…I don’t know why but it’s not the topic !

@theogrs that’s covered in the manual and the FAQ:

PowerPoint media items show a "Navigation Cancelled" error when running on the Windows Player / PowerPoint brings up an Open Dialog

Oh yes it works ! Lot of thanks ! :slight_smile:

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