Default Layout Just Disappears from CMS

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v3 for Windows


CMS ‘forgets’ the Default Layout. At random times, the default layout associated with a Display listed in the Displays page will disappear. Leaving the screen showing the default splash screen.
I get informed and I reassign a Default Layout.

This is happening randomly and without warning.

I can’t find anyone with a similar issue, or any troubleshooting tips for this.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Hi XiboNo0b,

Is the default layout being unassigned in your display’s settings in your CMS, or it stops just displaying on your player?

When you have to reassign it, am I correct that you go to the Displays page in your CMS, click the button at the end of the entry for the display and choose the Default layout option? If yes, what does it say in that box? Is it just empty?

If you go to the Settings page in your CMS, then choose the Displays option, there is a global setting for default layouts:

Do you use that option, and would that be possible? If you have different default layouts for different displays then this will not be suitable.

  • Do you have other displays that have this issue?
  • What about scheduled events, do they also get removed?

Hi Dan, thanks for the reply.

Yes, it literally disappears from the Dispays page. And yes, empty in that box, I have to readd it each time.

There are many displays that use different default layouts. As a result I have a black screen as a layout there if the ‘disappear’ happens.

It seems to happen on only a few displays. I don’t know about Scheduled events but I would doubt they get removed as no users have mentioned this.

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