Default Layout fails?

Hey everyone,

Total newbie to Xibo here but loving it so far, finally moving away from the horrible mess that is Magicinfo (Woo!).

The issue I’m facing is the Default Layout that we’ve setup doesn’t seem to want to play, it’s a very basic layout consisting of the Branding as the background image, Time and Date in the bottom left and right corners respectively and a Twitter Widget displaying the latest 3 tweets from our account using the “Embedded” media type. (I’ve been lead to believe that the actual twitter module doesn’t allow this, only search terms not just an account?).

The screen calls back fine and on the Player itself I can see its downloading everything in the Info window and then nothing happens, it doesn’t display the layout and goes back to the splash screen and there’s no error message in the Info window. I tried removing the Twitter Embedded code and that didn’t solve the issue either. It does however display another layout (embedded webpage with some text) perfectly fine.

The player is running on a Windows 10 box over Wifi, I have tried it on a test Hyper-V Machine (Win 8.1) and that exhibits the exact same issue which leads me to believe its probably a layout issue

Would be grateful for any help!


Hello Matt!

You can try twitter module and in search term enter “from:” so for example from:BBC
Basically anything from should work in Twitter module in Xibo.

As for the layout issue, I assume you have Windows client (1.7.5?) there should be some kind of information regarding why it can’t display this layout on a status window (“i”).

You can send this layout to me, just export it from your CMS and put on dropbox (or simlar) and share the download link with me (here or via pm). I’ll have a look at your layout and try to display it on our devices here in the office and well we’ll see what could be wrong :smile:

Thanks for the quick reply!

Just tried the twitter module, think I’ve set it up correctly (made the “App” on twitters site etc) just comes back blank however. The client is 1.7.5 indeed but the info window is completely blank

I’ve sent over the layout now :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you for your layout

So I’ll have couple suggestions.

Let’s start with Twitter module, it does work but perhaps you didn’t configure it yet in Xibo?
So from the twitter dev site you have API Key and API Secret, now you’ll have to go to the Modules page in CMS
find twitter module edit it and put your API Key and Api Secret in the appropriate fields there, after that it should work.
More details - Twitter module manual

Now for the layout:

Image - Windows client doesn’t support overlapping regions, that’s why it might not work as intended, but if you’d set this image as a actual background and then remove the full screen region with it, it should be fine (it is fine on my player)
Open layout designer
Remove the full screen region with your image
Click on ‘Options’, select ‘Background’ and select your image

Next, durations, while it’s not necessary wrong, it may cause some problems with playback, you might consider a bit lower durations on your regions (currently 24h)
Please see this topic Understanding Media Duration and how it affects the playback of a Layout

And after all of that it should be fine, please do let me know :smile:

Hi Peter,

The Twitter Module looks as follows: but still nothing?

Layout works good now thanks! I didn’t even consider setting it as a background initially.

With the durations, the reason I set it really high was to prevent it “refreshing” the entire scene. I noticed on the other layout that when the duration timer was hit for the last region the entire layout would re-load itself which was really noticeable, maybe I’m doing something wrong there?


Ok cool I am glad it’s working for you now :smile:

Durations - after region with the longest duration will end then whole layout will reload, yes it should be about ~1s blink.
It’s fine ,you can have 24h duration, it may interfere with schedule, so if you’d have such problems you will know what could be causing them.

Twitter - well seems to be correctly configured, basically when I imported your layout to my CMS it was displaying tweets. (it would definitely could use some effect or text size/formatting but it was displaying tweets :smiley:.

So I wonder, perhaps curl might be a problem? (it should be (!) on Report fault page in CMS)
If it is then please see this topic Using Tickers, Forecast, Twitter and other external resources that make use of HTTPS connections

Do you perhaps use proxy? If yes then you might want to configure that in CMS (settings -> network tab) and on a player (Xibo Player Options -> advanced tab)

The blink for us was a lot longer (30s_ while it was reloading the internal website as it slowly loaded the entire thing in, probably due to the design. I don’t think the schedule will be changing very but I’ll shorten the durations on all the layouts that don’t have any issues with reloading ^^

Twitter still doesn’t work here, Curl has a tick next to it and looks fine. We do have a web filtering system as its a school environment but we’ve added the IP range that the screens will inherit to the bypass list so in theory they shouldn’t be getting blocked at all. I can defo reach the api via normal browsers so not sure whats happening there.

You might want to add CMS to that list in your web filtering system.

It could be possible that your proxy does SSL inspection so the certificate will be invalid.
You’ll need to add the proxy’s root CA certificate to the trusted root CAs on the PHP installation on the CMS

If it still won’t work after that, then you can enable debugging on the ‘Report Fault’ page, recreate the problem and see what’s in the logs in CMS.

Yup, forgot to mention that all the external facing servers are added into the whitelist. I did check to see if I could reach the api on the server itself and it does find it fine.

I may just stick with the twitter widget for the time being as I Know it a bit better aha