Dedicate one network interface to Xibo

Hello everybody !

I’ve searched around the web to see if someone has had my problem but did not find, so I’m sorry to ask if the question has already been solved and appreciate your help.

I’m running Xibo on Docker :whale: on a Ubuntu 16.04 server with two network interfaces: ens33 and ens34.

They are on the same subnet:
ens33 inet addr: Bcast: Mask: ens34 inet addr: Bcast: Mask:

What I want to do is bind one network interface to Xibo in a Docker container with the default ports (let say ens34) and use the other network interface to serve some web pages with Apache.

That is, with my internet browser:

  • when I access Apache serves my site (and Docker doesn’t know).
  • And when I access, Xibo opens up and Apache does nothing.

Can you help me resolve my problem ? I tried to change the docker-compose.yml file but can’t make it work.

Thank you.

You need to use the cms-custom-ports.yml compose file (see the installation guide for details on how to do that)

On the web container, you need to change the ports line to something like

    - ""

That will bind Xibo only to that IP address.

Running Apache on your other interface is for you to devise I’m afraid, although it’s simple enough.

Alex, you’re the man ! Thanks :+1: