Decoupling Xibo installation server

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I am trying to install Xibo on test environment for review but institution IT policy requires application be decoupled and installed into webserver, application server and database server with communication starting from web to app then database.

Does anyone have a pointer on how this can be achieved.

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Assuming you have a suitable webserver and database server, install the Xibo on the webserver. During the installation, point Xibo to install the database on your database server.

There is no “application” as such - only a website and database.

Thank you Alex for prompt response.

In this environment, Applications are deployed using the three tier deployment method.

There is a web server, Application server and Database.

It is a kind of security check for applications that is consuming other resources.

the scripts are installed on the App serve and the web server servers as the GUI interpreter.

I dont know if you have a pointer on installing using this architecture.

This might sound really dumb but what I am trying to setup is a 3 tier environment. I would like to have Xibo running on a server other than the one Apache is running on, is this possible? So I would have Apache running on a server in a DMZ and then xibo running within an internal network(app server) then the database on another server. I know it is easy to point where xibo installs the Database but separation the other bit beats me. Does that make sense? If so, is it possible or does Xibo have to run on the same box as Apache?

Currently, all of our applications that face the outside world are 3 tiered, recommended by our security team. I was just trying to figure out if this was possible with xibo.

Xibo needs a webserver to run the PHP scripts, so it’s not possible to separate it in to three. Two is the most you could split it in to.

Think of it this way. Between calls to the webpage, Xibo isn’t running at all. When you load the web interface, for that brief time, the Xibo CMS code is loaded, run, answers your query, and then is closed again. There’s nothing left running between times.

Hello Alex,

Sorry for the late response and i will like to thank you for the clarification.

We decided to make an exception for xibo.

Done with installation and testing on controlled production already.

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I need to report a vulnerability in the android client.

Please contact Spring Signage directly at and they will be able to assist you with that.