Dayparting Schedule dose not download new media file

After checking, I found an error in Daypart Schedule. Let me explain detail

  • If media was download completed before. When I set schedule for those media file with daypart option. It will be ok. It mean media can show on player.
  • But if media is new one that was not download completed before. I set schedule for those media file with daypart option again. File is not downloaded. It mean cannot show on player.
  • If I set schedule with Alway or Custom option, Media file will be download and display on player as normal.

→ I checked on db by query data from RequireFile table. I found that there is no media file in Path column if I set schedule with Daypart option. I don’t know exactly what is happened. Please help.

2018-09-28%2016_15_50-Window 2018-09-28%2016_15_18-Window

If you’re using CMS 1.8.2 per your PM, your first step is to upgrade to 1.8.11 and confirm the issue is still present with a fresh layout and schedule under that version please.

I updated latest version 1.8.11. The problem is still fixed. Layout is not fresh when using custom dayparting with new layout and new media file.

Please can you describe exactly how you have your dayparting configured (with screenshots) so we can attempt to replicate this here.

Please also confirm you’ve used a new schedule and a new layout, and haven’t reused the old ones.